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100 – No Guns No Bombs Only Hand Fights Telugu Movie

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Satya is a young cop in the police department and dreams and wants to be a top police officer for his efforts. Oneday, he gets advice from his senior officer. Satya gets motivated and starts working on a mysterious case around a girl’s abduction and against criminals. How he finished the mission…this forms the rest of the plot.

Cast and Crew

Runtime: 2 Hours 21 Minutes

Released: 10-05-2019

Genre: Action, Drama

Banner:Auraa Cinemas



Other characters:Vignesh, Jackson

Director: Sam Anton

Producer:Kaviya Mahesh

Music director: Sam C. S.

100 - No Guns No Bombs Only Hand Fights Telugu Movie


Sathya hopes to be a super tough cop. He works hard for it. Satya was appointed as a police control room operator (100). His girlfriend is a call center executive. Though he is the SI, he has to answer the calls at police control room 100. One day he receives a call from a girl. This 100th call will change his life. Police department treats this girl as dead. But herself, she confirms that she was kidnapped only.

He traces the girl call and with his interest, he follows a complex network of drugs sellers, delivery boys, Facebook accounts, kidnapping gangs, sex trade, and middle class girls, richmens, etc. 

Artistes’ Performances:

  • AtharvaaMurali played as a cop.
  • His natural dialogue delivery attracts all.
  • Hh shown the matched body language for this police role.
  • Audience connects to his expressions and facial emotions.
  • Radha Ravi proved himself as senior to Atharvaa
  • Yogi Babu’s fun and his comedy entertains the audiences.
  • Hansika did her job well in this film.

Technical Aspects

  • Script is good
  • Screenplay is perfect
  • BGM is good
  • Cinematography is good

100 – Movie in Telugu:

Sathya (Atharvaa) attends the examination of police recruitment. Finally, he gets posted as Emergency Call Operator in 100, the police control room. His job role is attending emergency phone calls from the people and solving them. Of Course, a few prank calls were also included in them. But he wants to become a top officer in the department.

He looks at crime investigation instead of handling phone calls at 100 police control room. The 100th call that he received changed his life and job responsibilities. Who made this 100th call? Did he meet his dream as a top officer or not… is forming the rest of the movie story.

The Atharvaa’s action and emotional sequences, social message along the story are creating thrilling experiences for the audiences to watch the 100 movie in Telugu.

Why you should watch 100 movie:

Keeping the action, emotional scenes and entertainment aside, the movie has a proper social message oriented story. Director captured the audience’s pulse. Solid story on current issues in the society, performance of actor, emotional scenes and social message, exciting interval block, BGM and cinematography are making this 100 movie a must watch.

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