Wednesday, June 19


It is easy:

          The use of crypto currency is growing each day as awareness about it is spreading fast. However, not everyone is very confident about it as they are still a bit confused and are a little scared of using it as they are a little different in the way the transaction works. Ever since the bitcoin came into being in the year 2009, there were voices all over the world about the pros and cons of using them. The transactions using the bitcoins are very easy as the bank is completely taken off from the equation. There are several new and ways to earn bitcoin as the market is growing now and it is between the accounts as you use the internet or a simple android application that does not require a third party. This is a person to person transaction and it is fast.

 The block chain:

          The person to person transaction takes place just like a message from one person to the other. This is an easy and fast way to deal in. the block chain contains the ledger that is an electronic based which s stored in a computer system and is accessible by all those in the block chain. So it is a very transparent way of transaction.

Business use:

          The use of bitcoin in business can take place easily but there is still the apprehension as to what it might end as it is a new concept for many people and they have yet to learn about how to earn bitcoin and the method that is involved in it. It can be used to buy and sell things in the market, and the transaction remains private and hence the people outside of it will not be able to know the transaction having taken place.