Sunday, May 19

Manage Your Investment and Transaction Process by Yourself

Digital currency investment gives access to the total money the person depositing in the bitcoin. If the person deposits on their bank account, shares, or property some amount will deduct based on the rules. But there is no extra fee will be charged for depositing and transacting. Also, the person who is depositing the huge money in the bitcoin network only has access to handle the account and transaction process. By checking the bitcoin price live the node person of the bitcoin network can buy or sell the coins themself. To make the transaction of money or crypto currency there is no need for the intermediator.

The bank and government sector take part in the process of depositing the money in the bank and own a property. During withdrawal and selling the property also they play a mediator role in that process. There are no mediators like bank or government sectors to deal with the investment and transaction of bitcoins. While selling the property based on the seller’s situation and the buyer’s power in the society the price of the property may get reduced. But to buy or sell a bitcoin the bitcoin price live is considered. To transact the bitcoin the price is not essential; the user can transact it for various reasons.

If a person invested to buy a bitcoin then it will add in the block chain of the bitcoin network. If they make a transaction or sell that bitcoin to the other users, those details also will be added to the network’s blockchain. Every dealings happening in the bitcoin network will be added as a new block in the block chain. The transaction details can be only viewed by the user and the miner. The users can’t view the other user’s transaction and investment details. Personal details can be traced by themself and not by the other users.