Sunday, May 19

Benefits of Choosing the Best Collocation Service in Dallas

Organizations today cannot get quite far without the best data center plan that helps to address their IT infrastructure requirements & lay out the path for growth. Most of them make this decision to outsource this infrastructure to the Dallas colocation service, but some aren’t very sure if the data center relocation will be the right choice for their business requirements. Here are some advantages of the collocation that businesses must think of when they are considering the data center migration option.

Dallas colocation

Professional Collocation Service provides:

  1. Better network security. The data centers have got top-notch security, which includes latest firewalls or IDS systems that will help to detect or prevent any kind of unauthorized access to the customers’ systems.
  2. Improved connectivity. The collocation data services have redundant network connections that will ensure customers’ business important applications run uninterrupted.
  3. Surplus power supply. The data centers provide power redundancy by combination of several power grids, double battery backup, diesel power generators, and top-quality maintenance services.
  4. Better resource allocation. Developing a private data center will be a huge capital expense, however the costs do not stop when this facility is completed. Thus, running the data center on daily basis incurs the sizable amount of the ongoing operating expenses.
  5. Bursting capability. The colocation data centers offer customers with flexibility to burst over higher bandwidth to accommodate the huge traffic demand without making any kind of repeat capital investments. As data spikes get distributed with time over several users, the bandwidth costs are reduced.
  6. Day & night support. Complete IT support is accessible over many mediums. Support personnel will handle the troubleshooting requirements, security troubles, outages and monitor the systems every time. With on-site data support team, downtime will be kept to the minimum & potential security issues will be addressed promptly.

Even though data center migration will be one major undertaking for the organization, benefits of the collocation are huge. When outsourcing substantial cost of running the data center to collocation facility, the companies will focus the efforts and resources on the business without worrying about if their data solution will accommodate their requirements.