Monday, July 22

Game Play Guide That Helps People Quickly Complete The Levels

It is a known fact that a large number of gamers who are addicted to World of Warcraft hail Joana as a Superhero. The primary reason being the helping nature of Joana which has enabled multiple gamers to level up pretty fast than other gamers who do not follow Joana or are not aware of him. The guide not just helps them complete the game at lightning speed but also helps them get the most points from a particular level. This helps them accumulate a large number of points when they finally reach the end of the game play. The joanas guide is made to cater the needs of all gamers, right from the beginning to the very end of it. He has custom made a lot of options to choose from, and for multiple versions of the game as well.

Joanas Guide

There are two game guiding options which Joana has in offer, namely TBC Horde Guide and TBC Alliance Guide. These are primarily the two versions of the World of Warcraft game, and he has guides for both of them. These are one time buys and he never charges for any updates. Though the updates are offered every month, they are and will remain to be free forever. In this strategy there is extensive use of weapons in order to destroy the enemies, following these guides also enables the gamer to get weapon upgrades, thereby causing more damage than the normal weapons which are not upgraded.

Is it worth using these guides?

The answer is pretty straightforward, and is a definite Yes! Using these leveling guides always benefits the gamer by gaining more XP Points in very less amount of time and making huge progress in a shorter period of time. This is absolutely ethical and in no means, this can be termed as cheating, the game owners will also not be able to ban someone using these guides and these guides are created on the basis of an individual’s experience of playing a game for a number of times. In order to start using these in game guides, one has to install a simple and legitimate plug-in which will allow the gamer to enable an arrow marker on top of the game character, thereby showing the path to follow. Once the guide gets enabled, this becomes a cake walk for the gamer which eventually will mar the excitement of playing it on their own.