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Here are the steps to becoming an Amazon affiliate.

You can easily monetize your website or blog with Amazon Affiliate, also referred to as “Amazon Associates.” Once you have signed up, you will receive immediate approval, then you will be able to put Amazon affiliate links on your website. If someone buys something from Amazon, you get a commission. How do you become an Amazon Affiliate? Here is a step-by-step guide with screenshots on how to do it. Hope you will find this guide a useful place to start whether you are looking to start your own business or become an entrepreneur. A free affiliate marketing program, Amazon Associates, is designed to promote Amazon products on websites and blogs. They earn referral fees when customers purchase products on by clicking links on their sites. By¬†setting up an amazon affiliate account customers buy products from Amazon.

A Guide to Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

  1. Set up a website or blog.

A website, blog, app, or YouTube channel is essential to become an Amazon Associate by setting up an amazon affiliate account. It would also be beneficial if the site had previously been pre-populated with content so that it appeared active and authentic to both Amazon and users. When applying, you will be asked for a description of the purpose of your website. Therefore, have a clear idea of what your website is intended to accomplish, your target audience, and how you will generate traffic.

  1. Click “Sign Up” on the Amazon Associates homepage.

You must create an Amazon Associates account to become an Amazon affiliate. You can do so by visiting the Amazon Associates homepage and clicking Sign Up. From there, you’ll be asked to log in or create an Amazon account.

  1. Fill out your account information.

Provide account information (such as the payee’s name and address).

  1. Please enter the URL of your website.

Please enter your website(s), app(s), and YouTube channel address(es).

  1. Choose your preferred store ID.

Choose Amazon topics that reflect the goal of your website, and enter your preferred store ID (usually the same as your primary website name).

amazon affiliate account

  1. How do you drive traffic to your website?

You should describe how you generate traffic to your website, how your app or website generates income, how you build links, and how many monthly visitors you receive.

  1. Select a payment method.

Once you have entered your payment information (credit card) and tax ID, you can proceed to your dashboard.

  1. Create affiliate links for Amazon.

When you create your account, you will be sent to your Associate dashboard, which includes all the information you need regarding your earnings, monthly reports, and total clicks.