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The basic characteristics and how to preserve the synthetic urine

Here we have explained a bit about what you need to know, when you should use Synthetic urine, and the benefits of it. So, let’s talk about its characteristics and the precautions you need to take while using it to avoid the risk of failing a drug test.

The following characteristics are necessary to have a chance of passing a drug test:

  • Within the ph. Range
  • Temperature between 90°F and 97°F
  • Exact proportion of creatinine
  • Contain uric and urea acid at equal levels in the human sample
  • Similar to human urine
  • Match the specific gravity range
  • Biocide preservatives
  • Reliable Heat Maintenance Kit

These characteristics are the least required. Preferably, it needs to be more complex than actual, but the standard drug test doesn’t look for more than the above. The more difficult it is, the more you need a protection plan against more advanced validity drug checks and other unknown checks that are done with your sample. The most progressive samples also smell and fizz like urine because they have the same albumin as human urine does.

There are examples available where former lab helpers are spoken roughly about their jobs. They’ve specified that they can find synthetic urine samples sometimes by placing them in the sun and shaking them. But this has not been proved by anyone, just a talk by lab assistance.

The sample needs to be handed over at a reliable temperature. You have to heat the sample with a heat maintenance kit to get it to the correct temperature range and keep it there until you submit it.

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Biocide preservative

Biocide preservatives are used in a varied variety of normal products; this also includes many beauty products. Some brands include biocide preservatives in them. A year ago, they struggled to solve this problem during the test and have now found a solution.

The failures that occurred are being extensively discussed in familiar online groups. People recognized that it must have had some common denominator that the drug testing labs had possibly ongoing challenges for detecting the presence of the drug in the sample and weren’t completing them effectively.

The sample kits are to be preserved in cold containers. Its better not to unpack the kit until it is being used. In any case, once the pack is opened, preserve it in a cold container for up to 48 hours. Otherwise, store it in the freezer for up to 6 months.