Wednesday, June 19

What Should You Wear to a Yoga Class?

The prospect of going to your very first yoga class is likely going to be something that you feel really nervous about, but that is mostly due to your lack of preparation rather than any inherent stress that should be associated with yogic practice. You can do a few things to leave yourself much better prepared for your upcoming yoga lesson than might have been the case otherwise, and choosing the right kind of clothes is a major part of that once all has been said and is now out of the way.

The clothes you wear when you head on over to Marianne Wells Yoga School can have a surprisingly large role in how effective you would be at mimicking the poses that your teacher is trying to tell you all about. We would recommend that you opt for loose fitting clothing, and the reason behind this is that it gives you a much wider range of motion to take advantage of. A lot of people make the mistake of wearing extremely form fitting clothing to a yoga lesson, even though this can make their yoga class much harder than it needs to be.

An added benefit of adorning your body with loose clothes is that it allows air to circulate on your skin. Air circulation is important since it can dry up the sweat that your bodily exertion would create. Sweat is meant to cool you down, but it can cause rashes if there isn’t enough air to dry it to an appreciable enough extent. Loose clothes help make that more likely on top of the added movement that they enable you to take part in.