Monday, June 24

Are immigration lawyers worth the hype?

There are many people pursuing different fields but it is still difficult to find the ones that can match our idealism and help us. Finding such people is a hassle especially in the case of lawyers. Most lawyers are just looking for taking up your money and not providing you with the services. Just like how our lives are in the hands of doctors, the same is the case with lawyers. They can either save us from the crime we never committed or ruin our lives. In this blog we are mostly concerned with immigration lawyer in Wilmington, DE but we will also give briefing about other fields.

 If you are looking to find a lawyer who is familiar with both Canadian and American immigration policies then you should opt for Pilkington Law Firm. They have years of  experience in this field and will give you a local representation along with explaining the important details of your case to you. The main job of immigration lawyers is to protect your rights

Some of the famous lawyers in the world are;

immigration consultants in Ottawa, ON

  • Carolina Fridman.
    • She is one of the most famous immigration lawyers in Winnipeg. Later on she started developing an interest in Canadian immigration too.
    • She provides services to both individual clients as well as businesses regarding citizenship law and Canadian immigration.
    • Her specialty includes; Visitor Visa, Study Permits, Work Permits, Business Visitor Visas, Spousal and Family Sponsorship, Express Entry, US Waivers, Special Types of Permits, Criminal Rehabilitation, Appeals & Federal Court.
  • Louay Alghoul.
    • He is the sole owner and principal of Alghoul & Associates Law Firm. His experience stretches from decades in legal immigration and other jurisdictions.
    • His work specialty is, Work and Visitor Visa, Immigration and Citizenship, Citizenship by Investment Programs, Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker, Comprehensive Ranking System, Canada Refugee Information & PNP Business.
  • Alastair Clarke.
    • He believes in the people who have strong Canadian values, and built his firm in order to provide his services to such people.
    • His work specialty includes, Permanent and Resident Applications, Appeals and Federal Court, Citizenship Applications, Visit, Work & Study in Canada.