Wednesday, June 19

How to use a mask and protect yourself from COVID-19?

To protect yourself from covid-19, you have to follow the various guidelines given by health experts. Masks can help one prevent the spread of the virus. But wearing mask alone will not help to control the disease along with that one should follow hand hygiene and social distancing. The spread of virus differs from one place to another. So, it is essential to follow the advice given by the local health authority. Many online stores selling masks, and you have to buy N95 masks only from a reliable seller. You can read the reviews given by online forums before buying masks. It will be more useful to buy after reading the reviews.

There are various tips given by the experts to protect yourself from the deadly virus.Some common tips include the following.

  • First, wear a mask whenever you go outside. Wash your hands often with sanitizer or soap and water.
  • Maintain safe distance while travelling in public transport. If anyone is coughing or sneezing nearby you, it is advised to move from that place.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth often. It is advised to cough or sneeze covering your face. When you feel unwell, stay at the home safely.

  • If you have any doubts regarding the virus contact the healthcare provider. If you have a continuous cough or cold seeking medical attention is necessary.
  • Also, do not visit the hospital unnecessarily. Keeping updated yourself with various information about coronavirus is necessary. Thus, follow the basic tips to protect yourself from the virus. By following the proper guidelines, it is possible to fight against the deadly disease.

How to use masks carefully?

  • Once you get the mask, take it out from the packaging and wear it only by holding the ties. Make sure you put the right side of the facepiece.
  • The mask should cover the nose and mouth properly. It should give the right fit and check it by inhaling slowly whether it is comfortable for you to breathe. You should not touch the mask often.
  • If the mask is a disposable one, then you have to dispose of it an appropriate manner. Hence, buy N95 masks and use them carefully.