Monday, July 22

Are you thinking about Glass Hand Pipes

glass hand pipes, vintage devices used by older generations, are often referred as smoking bowls. They are perfect for all age groups. Generally, the sleeve produces dry smoke, that is, a sign of absence water-based diffusion. A hole is usually present in the side which acts as an outlet for the smoke, changing the direction of airflow. The typical pipes often come in sizes that are small enough to fit in once’s pocket. They are known to provide a smooth and reliable method to smoke your favourite weed. One needs to wrap the material in the chamber of bowl to smoke dried stuffs, light the substance up and go. The borosilicate glass tubes produced by Tokeplanet are suitable for all age groups. Glass hand pipes just require a lighter and hence are very versatile and convenient.

Various shapes of hand pipes

These pipes are available in various shapes-

hand pipes

  • Spoon- It is the most popular option of hand tube, owing to their ergonomic shape and sleek design. It consists of a carburettor gap mounted over it.
  • Steamrollers- They are extremely popular in the market for their ability of conveying bigger shots with least amount of fabric.
  • Sherlock- Named after one of the most popular detectives ever lived, they come with long vertical handles. Their popularity is rapidly increasing. They are a beautiful addition to any collection and are fun to hold on.
  • Chillum- Presently, they are the smallest ones available in the market. They are aided with the simplest design. They come as straight tubes. They have a front light and lack carburettor hole.
  • Glass blunt- These are just an upgraded version of chillum. They offer an expandable herb chamber, enabling one to pack as much as they want.
  • Bubbler- They offer a combination of portability and small size.

Probably used by many of our grandparents, glass hand pipes are classic and vintage. They are ideal for smoking dry substance and deserve to be equally famous in our generation. Tokeplanet manufactures hand pipes in other ceramics and wood too, but the glass ones are the most sought after.  They are available in the market in a variety of shapes, namely- Spoon, Steamrollers, Sherlock, Chillum, Glass blunt, Bubbler. One must consider the overall factors concerning the different types of hand pipes available and then make the correct choice.