Monday, July 22

Tips To Buy The Right Hair Extensions

Do you want to make your hair look longer, fuller, and have more volume? If so, hair extensions fort Lauderdale are the perfect solution. They provide many benefits that other styling products cannot offer such as a healthy alternative to permanent chemical changes or expensive haircuts. You can get hair in many different colors and styles at a fraction of the price of getting them done by a professional.

Tip 1: Divide your hair into sections.

This is the most important step for getting a good fit. If you divide your hair into sections, you will be able to make sure your extensions fit more comfortably and securely. Every section should be different, either by color or thickness.

Tip 2: Consider chemicals that may damage your hair

Silicones such as keratin often cause damage to the health of the hair both short-term and long-term. On top of this, many people experience allergic reactions after using these products on their hair. If you are interested in purchasing extensions, consider going natural and choosing a non-silicone product which will help keep your hair healthy and strong over time.

Tip 3: To attach extensions, use hair weft

To attach extensions, you will need to insert all the pieces of your extension into one medium size hair weft. This is a very common method of attaching hair extensions. By using a weft, you will have more security and less damage on your natural hair.

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Tip 4: Choose shorter hair extension

If you have short length long layers and want to add volume to them, you can use cuticles and even weave them on the ends. However, if you want longer looks after putting in long layer, you can choose short layered extensions which are not cut too much. Tip: You can also mix your extensions to get various styles.

Tip 5: Put them on the front of your head when you go to bed

It is best to put hair extensions on the front of your head before going to bed. This will help them absorb some of the moisture from the air and keep them from getting tangled in your hair as you sleep.

Tip 6: Don’t use heat tools for at least a month

When you first apply hair extensions, it is best to avoid using heat tools for a few days to give your hair time to heal and recover. You may want to wash your hair or try another style before putting your extensions back on. Also, make sure you check the product label on the tools you use and follow the directions carefully so you don’t cause any damage.