Wednesday, June 19

As a result of his transition from one career to another, Kevin began working as a privacy consultant.

It is Kevin David’s passion to help people all over the world to build financial momentum while working from home, using his years of experience and skills as a serial entrepreneur, author, YouTuber, eCommerce specialist and coach Go Now. He utilizes his skills and years of experience to teach people how to build financial momentum through online business. In addition to being an entrepreneur by profession, Kevin is a leader in finding the best ways to make money.

His passion for soccer taught him valuable lessons about competition, hard work, and the art of winning that would serve him nicely throughout his life as an entrepreneur. Kevin David has been an entrepreneur since 14 and is an avid soccer player. Kevin has always known that he was destined to be an entrepreneur Go Now… Although he was a young man, Kevin eagerly embraced every business opportunity available, whether it was selling baseball cards or candy bars.

Kevin continued to travel during his years of travel and started creating gaming apps & websites blogs teaching himself how to monetize with the Amazon Affiliate Program and Google AdSense. He had some success when he first started, but nothing prepared him for what would come next. Kevin David began his career working for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, an accounting firm in Portland, Oregon, after graduating Summa Cum Laude from Oregon State Honors College, where he earned his undergraduate degree in Accounting Summa Cum Laude.


Kevin quickly realized that working 80-hour weeks for someone else wasn’t what he was meant to do, even though it seemed an extremely prestigious position with nearly 500 applicants for only one consulting position. At Facebook in Menlo Park, California, Kevin switched careers and began working as a Privacy Consultant.

Many people have always dreamed of working for Facebook; Facebook is known for having some of the best employee benefits available to anyone, including on-site doctors and free food. Like so many others, Kevin had always dreamed of working there. Even though this job was a considerable step up from his recent job, Kevin was once again convinced he would never be able to work for anyone else, no matter how extravagant the benefits might be.

As a result, Kevin began engaging in meaningful research on online sources of income at this point in his life and how he could free himself to travel and live life the way he wanted. As a result of extensive research and experimentation with various online options, Kevin came across Amazon. Amazon led the eCommerce industry then, making him take advantage of the opportunity.